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Custom Dental Consulting to Improve Organizational Performance

Andrea Clasen works solely with the dentist to cultivate leadership skills, empower management effectiveness, and support outcomes that deliver desired results.

The purpose of this work is to enhance the dental experience for the doctor, the team and most importantly the patients. Because each practice is unique, the solutions Andrea creates are tailored to meet the subjective needs and measures of success defined in partnership with her clients.

Communication Guidance

Development of verbal skills
Internal marketing
Conflict resolution
Team meeting facilitation
Treatment presentation

Practice Effectiveness

Creation of systems and time management
Patient flow efficiency
Team building
Comprehensive exam protocols

Strategic Development

Comprehensive evaluation of practice
Identification of key business objectives
Operational and organizational planning
Practice evaluation prior to purchase

Organizational Coaching

Leadership development
Team management
Job descriptions

Totally overwhelmed. That's how I felt the day I started my career in dentistry. I was an 18-year-old, single mom. All I wanted was a paycheck and a stable job.

What I learned changed everything.

When I walked into the dental office nothing was about me. There was someone in the chair feeling nervous, afraid, and often resistant; I had the power to change how that person felt by the way I listened and responded.

Empowering isn't it?

A few decades of experience later, I provide dentists and dental specialists strategic insights, perspective, and recommended actions to achieve their unique visions of success. Watching my clients reach their goals and live their dreams in deeply fulfilling ways is beyond rewarding for me; it is why I do this work.

Andrea helps dentists and dental specialists grow their practices with intention. She specializes in operational and organizational development, bringing more than 30 years of practice management expertise, and 14 years of chair side and practice administration experience to her role. Some professional points of distinction include:

  • Certified, Five-Star Service, Ritz Carlton Leadership Center
  • Founder, South Coast Academy of Dentistry
  • Founder, Newport Coast Leadership Forum
  • Published, Dental Business Today
  • Published, CDA Journal
  • Faculty, USC, Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry

A gifted speaker, Andrea is often invited to address dental audiences at continuing educational symposiums and academies throughout North America.