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Custom Dental Consulting to Improve Organizational Performance

Andrea Clasen works solely with the dentist to cultivate leadership skills, empower management effectiveness, and support outcomes that deliver desired results.

The purpose of this work is to enhance the dental experience for the doctor, the team and most importantly the patients. Because each practice is unique, the solutions Andrea creates are tailored to meet the subjective needs and measures of success defined in partnership with her clients.

Communication Guidance

Development of verbal skills
Internal marketing
Conflict resolution
Team meeting facilitation
Treatment presentation

Practice Effectiveness

Creation of systems and time management
Patient flow efficiency
Team building
Comprehensive exam protocols

Strategic Development

Comprehensive evaluation of practice
Identification of key business objectives
Operational and organizational planning
Practice evaluation prior to purchase

Organizational Coaching

Leadership development
Team management
Job descriptions

Andrea Clasen is a dental practice management consultant with over four decades of expertise, primarily focusing on enhancing communication and leadership skills and organizational systems within private practices. Her journey within the dental field began in 1967 when she started as a dental assistant. Inspired by her mentors, Andrea pursued a career dedicated to elevating dental practices to the highest standards.

Throughout her career, Andrea has provided consultancy services to hundreds of dental practices nationwide. She is a recognized speaker at state and national dental conferences and has invested in her professional growth through numerous continuing education courses. Notable programs include Leader Effectiveness Training, 5 Star Service with the Ritz Carlton, and clinical courses at Newport Harbor Academy.

Andrea is also founder of two prominent study groups, the South Coast Academy and the Newport Coast Dental Forum. These platforms have enabled dental professionals to collaborate and enhance their practice management skills. Her contributions have significantly shaped the landscape of dental practice management, making her a pivotal figure in the industry.

"I want to thank you so much! You have an incredible ability to make team members feel safe. This allowed very open and honest communication. This is so invaluable. Friday was so effective and I know we have a lot to grow on. I will give your best to Nicole, Lorena and Jenna. They expressed to me how much they appreciated your time with us."

Gerald Middleton, DDS – Riverside, CA

"Congratulations on creating the premier vehicle for quality minded dentists to learn, grow and succeed! Andrea, you continue to make a lasting impact on the profession of dentistry!"

Scott Rice, DDS, Irvine, California

"After 30 years of dentistry, I am now selling my practice and when visiting with the new buyer she asked what was the one thing that had the most effect on me in building my practice. My wife and I answered at the same time and said, Andrea Clasen. It is because of her that I was able to create a practice that went way beyond what I had hoped to build when we first met in 1990. Thanks for making the last 20 years of my career the best years that any dentist could ever have hoped for."

Patrick Simone, DDS, Las Vegas, Nevada

"Thank you for the 23+ years of guidance and mentorship. I credit your guidance for my success and the culture in my practice. I think what you do is special and for those not lucky enough to experience a respectful-patient centered practice…I pity them. You helped me define that standard, and it really has helped to fill my life (professional and personal) with value."

Jayma Claus, DDS, Napa Valley, California